Shoe stretch spray helps to keep your shoe size accurate

Shoe stretch spray helps to keep your shoe size accurate

Best shoe stretch spray review 

Stretching your shoe does not mean pulling it from both end and make it bigger and fit for your leg. If you do it honestly your shoe is not only going to be bigger but also its going to be broken. If you do not feel comfortable with your shoe and it become small for your leg there are two ways to keep it fit for your leg. You can use shoe stretcher or you can use shoe stretch spray. Both of them are checked couple of times to make sure they are not going to damage any kind of shoe. What you have to do, you just need to find the quality one to get the best outcomes of using it. Here in this review of shoe stretch spray I would provide you all necessary information you might need to know about shoe stretch spray as well as will provide you some suggestive products name which you can buy and use on your shoe.

Why do you need shoe stretcher or shoe stretch spray

Shoes are made of different ingredients. Some of them are made of leather, some of them are rubber, some of them are polyester, some of them made from cloths and some of them are made from plastic ingredients.  Shoe stretcher and shoe stretch spray can be use nearly for every shoe. If you do not use your shoe pair regularly they start shrinking. When you will left a leather shoe or boot unused couple of days and weeks it absorbed dryness form the air and the materials lose its breathing power inside.  In that case all the ingredients inside get stuck with together and get shape in small size. That’s why when you go to wear them you uncomfortable with it. To avoid this kind of problem with your shoe you can use shoe stretcher or shoe stretch spay for them. Both will help you to keep your shoe in size and shape all the time.

Meltonian Shoe Stretch & Softner Spray Tight Shoes Relief

shoe stretch sprayMeltonian Shoe stretch aerosol. Helps relieve tight shoes. It has been developed to permanently stretch shoes and gloves made of leather, suede, or reptile skins. Not recommended for use on man-made materials. Shoe stretch may possibly cause a dark pattern on certain lighter shades of leather. This product quickly worked to make a pair of sandals go from “too tight to wear” to “my most comfortable sandals”. It did take a couple of applications. It was a little tricky to get the spray inside the straps but I found that the product does not mark or stain the leather so it didn’t matter if it got onto the outside of the sandal.

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Shoe Stretch

shoe stretch sprayStretches shoes in the tight spots where they grab the most. Expands treated areas without weakling the leathers.  Good for use on all leather, suede or nubuck shoes. Completely safe for application while shoe is worn. Ipa, Water And Glycerine. I have a brand new pair of loafers that were too tight so I ordered the Shoe Stretch to stretch them out in the toe box. I sprayed the liquid spray down into the toe box really well and then put them on and I’m so happy that they are now comfortable to wear. I also sprayed inside of the heel area of each shoe and it made a big difference. I’m sold on this product and will order more as I need it. I have bunions on both big toes so will need to use it. No more throwing too tight shoes in the back of my closet.

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Meltonian Shoe Stretch-Aerosol

shoe stretch sprayHas been especially developed to permanently stretch and soften shoes and gloves made of leather , suede or reptile skins. Not recommended for use on man-made materials. Shoe stretch may possibly cause dark pattern on certain shades of leather. So I finally bought my first pair of Louboutins (Decollete’s). I was about to either return or resell them because the toebox was too narrow for me. Painfully narrow. I wore them around the apartment for 10 minutes and was in so much pain. I tried to stretch them by wearing socks with them, putting tubes of lipsticks and rolls of quarters up the toebox to hopefully get a little give. I was skeptical but ordered this anyway. So so happy I did. You spray it on the inside and wear them around while the liquid dries. Almost INSTANT relief. Upon standing and walking a few steps, I was in shock at how much better my shoes felt! Really worth trying, especially for the price. And to the reviewers complaining about the S&H, I don’t know for sure but I remember reading somewhere that aerosols require a bit extra to ship. Maybe that’s why S&H is a bit more expensive than we think it should be. Regardless, I would order again!

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Kiwi SELECT Universal Shoe Stretch

shoe stretch sprayI got a fantastic deal on some beautiful leather boots, but my darn big calves made the last two inches of zipping them pure hell. I’m not a big girl, but I seriously had to poke the flesh into the boot. I knew I’d have to spend hundreds more to buy some similar boots elsewhere, so I checked into shoe repair shops. Basically, they use the same spray with a machine, but they warned me that sometimes the machine will pop the zipper. Noooo! So I bought this Kiwi spray, lightly misted the inside, and wore them around town. I could tell it worked very well the first time because I was able to zip all the way up and not feel discomfort! I did the spray one more time and they are just about perfect. I also used it on a new pair of tight nubuck flats and it worked just as well. Worth at least 3X the price. You won’t be sorry!
One word of warning, don’t use this on boots right after you shave. It has a high alcohol content – YOWCH! Even through tights.

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Possible findings why you may feel uncomfortable with your shoe

There might be several reasons that you can feel discomfort with your shoe. Among all of them some common and major can be pointed because of

  • Weight gain = swollen feet = shoe can feel tight.
  • Being on your feet all day = swollen feet = shoe feel tight.
  • Your sock may be thicker = shoe feels tight.
  • Improper storage of shoes. Shoe tree can be used to avoid this and maintain shoe shape.
  • Lack of regular conditioning of the leather. Leather should be conditioned periodically to avoid this problem.
  • Foot injury also can affect the shoe size.

shoe stretch sprayAdvantage of using shoe stretcher spray

Using shoe stretcher spray has couple of advantage for your shoe.  Shoe stretcher sprays contain alcohol which will dry comparatively quicker than other stuff. It will relax the leather and boot which will help to stretch leather or boot easily.  Also shoe stretch spray helps the shoe ingredients to stay soft and flexible. If you are in rush shoe stretch spray will help you to save your time. All you need to do just spray it before couple of minute before you going to use it. It also helps to increase the shoe span life as it also kill the bacteria from shoes as it contain alcohol in spray. If you are looking to keep your shoes fit for your foot this is one of the best product which can help you to achieve your targeted duration of shoe span life.

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Shoe Stretch Spray

Shoe Stretch Spray


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