Looking for best shoe shine box? check that out

Looking for best shoe shine box? check that out

Shoe shine box helps to keep your shine kit in order to get them quickly

Shoe shine box is an empty box with the divided section inside where you can keep your shoe kit organizes. Before we move in how many shoe kit you can keep inside the box, we would like to let you know why this necessary for you if you are having shoe shine kit in your house for personal use. Usually, if we do not have a shoe shine box in the home we keep all the kit outside of the room in the corridor or down of stairs. The main effect we have of it is making a smell in whole house as we leave it in the open place.  That smell is quite harmful to our body and it also makes dirty the place we leave it open.  In that case to avoid this kind of situation and problem the best solution is to buy or have a shoe shine box for your shoe shine kits. It does not only help you to reduce the smell of your house but also will help you to look organize in anyone else eyes.

Product's detailsKIWI shoe shine boxshoe shine boxFootMatters shoe shine boxshoe shine boxMoneysworth shoe shine boxshoe shine box
User's rating4.5 out of 54.5 out of 53.7 out of 5
Box materialsWoodWoodceder wood
Product's made in USAUSAUSA
Box include's2 KIWI Select Premium Paste Tins, 2 soft and durable Shine Cloths, 2 Sponge Daubers, 2 KIWI Shoe Shine Brushes, 1 Shoe HornHorsehair /wooden Shine Brush, Leather Lotion 8 oz, Mink Oil 8 oz, Heavy Duty Waterproof paste, Shoe and Boot Cream1 black shoe polish, 1 brown shoe polish, 2 polishing cloths, 1 nine inch shoe horn, 2 dauber sponges, 2 shine brushes
Dimension 12 x 9 x 9 11.3 x 7.7 x 4.412 x 9 x 9
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Why buy shoe shine box ?

As I mention earlier in this article the shoe shine box will help you to reduce the unexpected items smell from your house and would help you to organize your shoe kit. On the other hand when you will leave your kit in open place the kit span life get reduced because of dust and air as it might affect your shoe too when you will apply a dusty brush or sponge on your shoe to color it. As it also has a foot rest on top of the box will also be helpful and good to polish and clean shoes which suggested by professionals to clean and polish shoes by keeping it somewhere above floor  or carpet to avoid dust on a polished shoe to get a good lifespan of shoes. Professional suggest shoe shine box also help to polish and clean shoe easily and more professionally by using foot rest.

Cons of not using shoe shine box : –

As it is mention above there are some drawbacks of not using shoe shine box. All the points collected from the shoe repair and polish specialists. They are pointed below : –

  • First of all your space where do you usually put all the shining kit looks dirty and unorganized.
  • If your shoe kit or any kind of liquid get leaked or damaged the floor or carpet can be damaged too because of their toxic ingredients.
  • Because of open brushes or sponge off your shoe shine and cleaning kits create an unexpected smell in the house or in the room.
  • Your house air can get polluted because of open polish tin, sponge, or chemical brush and can increase carbon mono oxide in your house which is quite harmful to the people living in your house.
  • Professional suggests if you do clean your shoes by keeping them on a floor the unseen dirt again comes on your shoe and it makes the scar on your shoe slowly and reduces span life of your shoe.
  • Shoe shine box comes with a foot rest which can help you to get accurate clean and polish result after polishing your shoe. Without using foot rest you can polish your shoes too but the result will, of course, have a pretty far difference which you may find by yourself.

Where to buy shoe shine box : –

As we are living in 21st century and most of the users and buyers now would like to not go to the shop to buy a product as it also consumes more times for a buyer. Now a buyer prefers to shop from online which consumes less time to select and order and also help to get much more information about the product. As it mentioned above that shoe shine box manufacturer at the beginning used to give their product only to their listed seller but upon changing their selling strategy and because of their product demand on the market they  let their valuable customer buy their popular product from on-line too. So many sites are selling their shoe shine box and many stores around the world are selling shoe shine box in their store too. I will strongly recommend you to buy it from here if you want to win your buying.