How to use and where to buy shoe goo

How to use and where to buy shoe goo

Shoe goo is the perfect way to fix your shoe

Shoe goo is glue and sealant planned for maintenance of footwear. You can use it for any kind of broken shoe and sports shoe to make them fixed and usable again. It’s basically made to stop a parting your shoes.  People usually shoe goo use on their shoe sole if it breaks from the main body of the shoe.

Not Just For Shoes

I bought a tube of Shoe Goo to repair my favorite Lands End slip on that were separating in the front. Spreading on a generous amount of shoe glue, I used the adhesive to repair and also to seal all around the front seam where the heel meets shoe. The repair is so strong that it may outlast the shoes. Incredible stuff. I also used the Shoe Goo to repair a couple tears in a storm window I made with plastic sheeting. Again the repair should outlast the window. My greatest use of Shoe Goo was to attach a small Potato Head to the top of our mailbox. At least three previous Potato Heads on the mailbox have been stolen by vandals. To take this newest PH, they might just have to take the whole mailbox. I hope they don’t. The Goo is not easy to squeeze out of the tube and it is very sticky and not easy to spread. However, it dries relatively quickly and works fabulously. Putting a layer of Vaseline on the threads before replacing the lid will ensure that the lid won’t be locked tight to the tube. I heartily recommend this product for repairs or adhesion.

Shoe Goo, Clear

User’s rating:- 4.4 out of 5

Price : – $ – $$shoe goo

My impression:-

After using the shoe goo first time, I ordered shoe goo again in couple of weeks. I ordered the 3.7 oz squeeze tube of this stuff after my work boots had split across the bottom. It has a simple opening at the end with a foil seal that you use the pointy part of the cap to initially pierce through. The first thing I noticed were strong vapors, so be sure to use it in a well-ventilated area if you get headaches from fumes.

I squeezed the goo onto a plastic knife and used it as a putty knife to fill the split at the bottom of my boots. I let it sit for 72 hours, and afterwards was pleased with the results. The split sealed up nicely. I wore the boots for about two weeks before noticing I had re-split them. Be sure to use a generous amount and take into consideration how flexible the material is if using them on the bottom of boots. These boots are extremely rigid, so they don’t have much give when I bend them. I think it will hold up better if I apply more into the split and let it dry while slightly apart.

I decided to give some other old shoes a new chance at life with this stuff. I used it on some other hiking shoes and tennis shoes that were splitting at the edges of the sole on the side. After letting it dry completely I was amazed! The goo adhesive had become a hard, transparent material between the two split materials. I tried separating them, and it would not budge! I am very impressed. I would advise for anyone to use a generous amount. I know I will be ordering more of this stuff because it is allowing me to get much more mileage out of shoes that I thought were done for.on:

Shoe goo description:- 

  • SHOE GOO CLEAR is a premium shoe repair adhesive that comes in a large 3.7 oz tube
  • PERFECT FOR fixing worn soles or damaged heels, shoes, galoshes, waders or boots
  • UNIQUE FORMULA designed for very strong abrasion resistance and better adhesion
  • BONDS, PROTECTS, AND REBUILDS for patching small holes, gaps, and shoe wear
  • WATERPROOF FORMULA designed to remain secure even when exposed to water

shoe goo

Why to use shoe goo : –

shoe gooI fixed FOUR pairs of shoes with this magic in a tube! I have flat feet so if I don’t wear my shoe inserts, I ruin my shoes! My shoes start to lean forward and you can tell that they are caved in. It sucks, and all of my favorite shoes which I wear daily, are all ruined. Not until I purchased this bad boy! I used this tubes on four pairs of shoes, or eight shoes. Using LOTS of layers as well, and this tube is only halfway done. You can probably fix about eight pairs of shoes with this thing, of course more if you use less layers than I have. It’s amazing/ Its also easy to apply! I fill a cup with cold water, put it beside me, dump the shoe goo onto the damaged shoe, dip my finger into the cup of water, and begin to shape and spread the shoe goo onto the shoe. I let each layer dry for about an hour or more. And my shoes are fixed! I will be purchasing more. Also, I used this to fix a leak in one of my favorite cups. I just spread the goo onto the damaged area, smoothed it out, let it dry, and voila! No more leakage.

Benefits of using shoe goo: –

If you really do care about your shoe you will also try to find the way to protect them from any kind of damage. Obviously here are some benefits of using shoe goo for your shoe. They are mentioned below.

  • restructure damaged external shoe sole
  • repair dented heels of all kind of shoes, particularly jogging and gaming shoes
  • help to close rubber boots and walking boot
  • Work as a coating on your shoe sole
  • You also can use it on your skateboard to get extra coating

shoe goo

How you would use shoe goo on your shoe: –

  • Make sure you shoe sole is dirt free and totally clean before you apply shoe goo on your shoe sole.
  • You have to prick the shoe goo tube cap using the cap pointer.
  • Use shoe goo on the area that you want to repair and bond.
  • You have to spread the shoe goo after you put it on the required area. Professional suggests spreading it with an ice cube as shoe goo do not get stuck with the ice cube.
  • If you are trying to join two parts of your broken shoe, after you sued shoe goo on them leave them for a while and let them be dry perfectly. Then you can join and bring them back together.
  • Professionals suggest after you applied shoe goo on your shoe sole you should leave them at least for 24 hours depending the temperature of your room or place.
  • Whenever you using shoe goo on your shoe try to find a place where shoe goo will not cost you more if they dropped. It’s better to use it by keeping your shoe on the floor.
  • While you using it try to use gloves to not get them in your hand. Because it can make your hand sticky if it drops on your hand.
  • After using it close the cap and keep out of your children and keep it at room temperature.

Shoe goo

Shoe goo


  • affordable price
  • Value for money
  • Perfect to sort out problem