where to buy shoe dye and why do you need it

where to buy shoe dye and why do you need it

Shoe dye review

Shoe dye is also known as shoe polish too. First before getting to shoe dye here I will give you some information about dye. A dye is a shade material with the purpose of to bring the real colour to which being applied. The dye usually applied on a subject to make it brighter or dark or to get back the real colour of the product which depends on the customer expectation.  Dye can be used on everything such as electronics, leather products, furniture, car etc. 

What is shoe dye

Sometimes when do you look at your shoe deeply and carefully you see that because of using it continuous or roughly you shoe get wrinkle or fade. If you see any of them there are only one thing can bring you back your original shoe colour and it is shoe dye. Shoe dye basically a liquid which comes in a bottle and have so many colours as shoe have different colour in the market.  Its alcohol based leather dye which is suggested by professional to use on shoe to get good outcomes of your investment. Shoe dye will not only bring back the colour of your shoe it will make your shoe more glossy rather than before.

Why should you use shoe dye on your shoe

Usually after using a shoe for long time it get scratch, wrinkle, fade etc. When we keep using shoe conditioner on our shoe once or twice in a week, getting wrinkle on your shoe chances get decrease. Because of using shoe conditioner on your shoe it become smooth and when it will get fade or scratch which took away the real colour of shoes we can easily use shoe dye to get a best result. It is suggested by the professionals to use a dye on a smooth subject what is not broken or damaged. When you will use shoe dye on your shoe you will not only get back the real colour of your shoe but also you will get a gloss after using shoe dye. Shoe dye also makes a safety layer for your original shoe colour to protect them from fade or damage colour.

Fiebing’s Leather Dye

User’s rating:- 4.4 out of 5

Price:- $ – $$

My impression:-

shoe dyeSo many positive review has been pubished by verified purchaser regarding this shoe dye. This is one of the best selling dye for shoe which can give your shoe new life after applying it on your shoes. The best thing about this is the quality and user’s satisfaction about the dye and available colors. also Fiebing’s Leather Dye can be use on any leather materials to color it and to give it new look. when i bought Fiebing’s Leather Dye i applied it first on my shoes and later on when i read their review i come to know that it also can be use on sofa, jacket and all other stuff which is made of leather. then i applied it on my leather sofa to give it fresh look. Honestly i was so suprised when i finished with it and my sofa was looking like the completly new one.

This color is a genuine stain, not a covering. It will actually douse into the calfskin to shading it. It likewise had the upside of dissolving a portion of the current latex complete that I couldn’t expel so it mixed in well with it. I connected it in little 16″ square segments and stressed at first that there would be streaks or stamps where I began every piece, except the color enters equitably thruout. I utilized a moved up shop towel spotting the color on with the tip, utilizing it like a mop and scouring it in on a level plane and afterward vertically. It dries to the touch in around 15 minutes and you can sit on the cowhide in a couple of hours, yet the color dissolvable mellows the calfskin which permits it to extend in this way, so it’s best to hold up a day or somewhere in the vicinity. The dissolvable additionally responds to a few sorts of froth making it extend a few. I utilized a calfskin cream after the color dried.

A couple of months prior, I found a red Kate Spade handbag at a thrift store that had exceptionally blurred and stained red cowhide, however other than that, it was basically in incredible condition. I chose I would spare it by biting the dust it dark. The Fiebings Leather Dye bundle guarantees that before you color cowhide, you ought to purchase their Deglazer item to strip the past color or shading off. When I read that, I held off for around two months while I held up to have the additional money to spend on the Deglazer item.

I at long last concluded that I would simply ahead and perceive how well the dark colored the red calfskin. I chose that in the more regrettable case situation, it looks appalling and I can purchase the deglazer item to expel everything over once more. I cleaned the zone with cowhide wipes (Available in most car areas.) and started biting the dust it…and it worked extraordinary!

This was my first time always kicking the bucket cowhide, and I will keep on doing this for whatever remains of my life. I can’t let you know how often I have seen once-costly calfskin love seats and seats at yard deals and thrift stores where the shading has been blurred. Thinking back, all it required was another layer of calfskin color, and it is great as new.

This one satchel utilized presumably 1/3 of the container, so there is still bounty left for me to keep around on the off chance that I have to color whatever else. I will be re-buying Fiebings brand later on in the event that I ever require whatever other hues. I profoundly suggest it.

Product description:- 

  • Most recognized penetrating, alcohol-based leather dye in the world
  • For use on vegetable tanned or unfinished leather
  • Will not peel, crack or rub-off when fully dry while remaining flexible
  • Also works well when applied with a dry sponge or included wool dauber
  • Use Fiebing’s dye reducer to lighten tint and consistency

shoe dye

Kelly’s Professional Grade Leather Dye

shoe dyeUser;s ratng:- 4.3 out of 5

Price:- $

My impression:-

I purchased a decent Thomasville cowhide love seat on Craigs List. It is fit as a fiddle exept for slight wear on the dim calfskin had light spots appearing on the other side. I purchased this item taking into account surveys saying it doesn’t rub off on your garments. Being liquor based I could weaken it somewhat and working rapidly apply it over the whole lounge chair. Two coats reestablished it to fresh out of the box new condition! Its actual it doesn’t rub off on your garments. I adore it.

Product description:-

  • One of the most recognized penetrating, alcohol-based leather dyes in the world
  • For use on vegetable tanned, smooth, sueded and nubuck leathers
  • Will not peel, crack or rub-off when fully dry while remaining flexible
  • Also works well when applied with a dry sponge or wool daubers
  • Dries evenly for a superior finish

shoe dye

Kiwi 11806 2.5 Oz Black Leather Dye

User’s rating:- 4.7 out of 5

Price:- $

My impression:- 

This color is made for shoe scrapes and minor cowhide touch-ups. It is not intended to be utilized as a perpetual cowhide color for extensive things like calfskin belts, satchels, coats, and so forth. It doesn’t infiltrate profoundly and can be evacuated with different cleaning shoe dyesolvents.

Notwithstanding, the preferred standpoint it has is that it can be cleaned from your hands or from surfaces with rubbing liquor or hand cleaners like Goop.

Interestingly, the Fiebing’s and Tandy changeless colors are much more grounded colors and will enter the cowhide better for a lasting completion. In any case, with the Fiebing’s and Tandy colors you should wear gloves, be watchful, and spread your work zone all around with a couple layers of daily paper since it will recolor anything it gets on (counting your skin) and is much harder to expel. Try not to let kids close to the lasting colors.

I had obtained a pleasant dark cowhide belt (name brand and everything!), which started chipping the shading off the blet inside two or three wearings. On the off chance that I had my receipt, it would have been come back to the store! Rather, I smoldered and checked out town for calfskin color to rescue this thing. No such good fortune, NOBODY had calfskin color, not even the “better” shoe store around the local area. Amazon to the salvage! I utilized the color as per bundle headings, issue SOLVED! It worked flawlessly, as simple to apply as shoe shine. My belt is at the end of the day back in my closet revolution and looking incredible. Much obliged, Kiwi!

shoe dye

Tarrago Self Shine Color Dye and Preparer 25Ml.

User’s rating:- 4.4 out of 5

Price:- $-$$

My impression:-

shoe dyeI obtained a cowhide emissary sack on amazon. While I more often than not have extraordinary fortunes and awesome venders, this one truly overstated the “scarcely utilized” part of the pack. It was profoundly recolored and looked unpleasant. I just about cried and after that I practically discarded it. I did some exploration and found a satchel gathering recommendng this item. I sucked it up and thought I would attempt it. I would in any event gain some new useful knowledge.

The pack was a profound ruddy chestnut. I picked a cognac shading, which ended up being lighter. I got the item decently fast. I have a tendency to be eager (the sort that stains a wood piece 32 times in one evening) so I constrained myself to take after headings and go gradually.

I took after bearings to the letter and the finished item is amazing!!!! I utilized the preparer to set up the pack. It will request that you utilize an utilized scotchbrite sort pad–here I strayed, I utilized another one.

This progression was stunning and snappy. Brought it down to the excellent exposed cowhide. At that point the recoloring. Blend well, then fill a little container or plate. Go moderate and take after the headings. It’s a snap!! On the off chance that the stain gets staring you in the face or metal pieces it will fall off truly simple, so don’t worry. A little water or scouring will do the trap.

Tips I gained from the satchel site: on the off chance that you are doing a greater thing, utilize the froth brushes you purchase at an equipment office. Let the thing you are recoloring set two or three days before use. Likewise, complete up with some delicate cowhide conditioner two or three days after you’re finished. It took me a weekend.

I can’t glue pictures, yet in the event that you need to see a few things individuals have done, google Tarrago Dye and visit the satchel gatherings. Astounding changes. The result is not as gleaming as the photos look, either.

For the individuals who say it peels off: I think they may have done excessively numerous coats immediately and didn’t give it a chance to dry. No shading exchange or peeling. It’s not a paint, it is a color. An amazing color.

shoe dye

TRG the One Self Shine Leather Dye Kit

user’s rating:- 4.2 out of 5

Pice:- $

My impression:- 

shoe dyeTRG the One Self Shine Leather Dye Kit #167 Dark BeigeI own a beige shading grain calfskin pair of Christian Louboutin Pumps that continued getting truly awful dim scrape marks with even little lil rubs following the cowhide its made of is extremely fragile. At first i took it to the expert shoemaker who charged me 20 dollars for shading rebuilding and after around a month back to the same issue. I was getting extremely disappointed and went online to look for cowhide colors. Discovered this TRG the one cowhide color pack and took a bet of 13 dollars … at first I requested beige shading that turnd out to be too light. At that point i discovered “dim Beige” number 167 and voile it was seemless and perfect!!!! I took after the headings aside from one change… .the handout says to apply the unmistakable prep calfskin conditioner with a scotch brite dishwashing cushion… .i didnt… .thats harsh… .rather i utilized the enchantment eraser that is light and wont harm ur shoes… apply that let it dry and afterward take the gave brush in the bundle blend the color truly well inside its container and after that smear on top of the wipe color implement that it accompanies… the directions say to apply the shading in roundabout movement it didnt work… rather do smudging activity squeezing like one blotchs their face with powder puff. Do one coat let it dry for 60 minutes and go for one more layer of shading… let it dry overnight and Voila u will have the ideal results… … I DIDNT NEED ANOTHER COAT BUT THEY SAY U CAN EVEN GO FOR THIRD COAT IF REQUIRED. I utilized the brush to straightforwardly shading the shoe joints and stitchings and it turned out flawless !!!! I very suggest this item… ..you will spare a great deal of cash !!!!

Product description:- 

  • Complete leather dye kit! Kit includes dye, preparer, brush and sponge!
  • For all leather products, but NOT suede!
  • Easy to use! Quick drying with self shine properties!
  • Will easily dye mutiple pairs of shoes when following directions!
  • Use for shoes and handbags! You can even change colors!

shoe dye


How would you understand which shoe dye would be perfect for your shoe

This is the important point on this article and the information here would be able to give you a clear idea to choose your shoe dye. Before we move on to specific shoe die we would like to let you about the dye types which available in the market upon popularity.

  • Acid dye : – it’s a water soul able dye which usually used to get colour back on materials such as silk, nylon, wool etc.
  • Basic dyes: – They are water soul able too which usually applied on silk by mixing them in water bowl where silks materials get dipped to get a good result.
  • Mordant dyes: – require apenetrating, which develop the stronghold of the colour alongside water, glow and perspiration.
  • Vat dyes: – are fundamentally inexplicable in irrigate and unable of dyeing thread directly.
  • Sulfur dyes : – sulphur dyes are two elements which usually use to dye the cotton with dark colour.
  • Leather dyes: – It’s a mix of oil and alcohol which can be used on any kind of leather product. Such as jacket, shoe, trouser etc.

Those listed in this section are most popular dye now a day in the market. Now it depends on you what kind of materials is used in your shoe and you could select and apply to get a good result. As so many kind of materials can be used in shoe such as leather, nylon, silk, rubber etc for them there are many kind of dyes available in market too. So in that case our suggestion is to know your shoe types and materials first then implement the dyes on your shoe to get a great outcomes. But on the present decade most of the shoe made from leather and if you do have leather shoe you should go for the leather shoe dye without thinking about any other dye. I said it because some formal shoe might come with the cotton stretch in bottom as a style. So the maximum portion of your shoe is leather. In that case you cannot dip your shoe in water with mixing a dye to colour the cotton as the whole shoe will be damaged. The main positive sight of the leather shoe dye is you do not need to dip your shoe in water to get back shoe colour. You just can take it in a cotton bud and can apply it on your shoe.

Shoe dye

Shoe dye


  • easy to use
  • Good choose for shoes
  • Affordable price
  • Highest customer satisfaction