Privacy policy

Our first and main concern is keeping out respected reader data safe. We give high priority to each an every data which readers provide us in our site. As it is a review site woe would not ask you any kind of confidential data from you such as card details, date of birth etc.  We would ask you just your e mail address if you would like to be register with us to keep yourself updated with new posts. As we are independent online review site there are something you must know about it. They are : –

Web beacon and cookies

We keep our user data using beacon and cookies to check which page they visit more and which one they visit less. Which kind of browser they usually use to come to the site. We collect it to improve our site and content to give our users better experiment next time.

Log files

We keep log files when a user comes to our site. We keep in log files the browser types, how long a user stayed, how many clicks they did etc. It’s because of site content improvement.

Associates programme

We are affiliate site with a specific association. Here we just provide information and review about the product and we do not do direct sale here. So in that case you do not need to provide us any kind of confidential data in this site.

Advertisement on the page

You may see some advertisement on the page or on our site. This advertisement given by third party on our page. It’s basically comes through your search engine. So in that case if you would like to make any kind of transaction or visit to the third party website please make sure that you read their privacy policy and terms and condition. We do not take any liabilities of third party.