How to shine shoes?

How to shine shoes suggestions

How to shine shoesHow to shine shoes is a common question for them who really do care about their shoe and like to keep them new all the time Well shined shoe is also a kit of your dress part. As it is important to getting dress properly it’s also important to keep your shoe shiny and clean always. Just think! You dressed well enough to make yourself smart and gorgeous looking, but your shoe is broken or dirty or not shiny. If you work through the corridor with a smart looks and an unclean and non shiny shoe what would be the impression of people regarding you? You can easily understand it and I don’t need to say how much would embarrasses you would feel.

Did you ever think about it? If you see women or man what you see first? Research show that 78% of people look first at the shoe of others. And so many of them feel uncomfortable if their partner use unclean shoe and non shine shoe while they go to meet someone, office or even in a party. You would be surprised to know the amount of them who really want their partner to use shining shoe all the time. The percentage of them is 63.2%. Keeping that in mind I am going to share with you how to shine shoes. I know some of my readers will think there is nothing to know how to shine shoes? As we know already the procedure of shoe shining. Such as clean it first then apply shoe shine kit on it and wait to get it dry. This is the way actually to shine your shoes, but unfortunately so many of us really do not know the actual procedure of shining.  Here I would like to provide you some information about shoe shine which will help you out to shine your shoe properly to get a best result.

Tools that you will need shine you shoes : –

Some tools you must have to shine your shoe. Some of them come individually or some of them come in package which you can buy online or your nearest store. tools that you must have they are, shoe shine box, a horse hair brush, horse hair polish applicator, polishing clots, disposable cloth, shoe polish ( wax or cream ), edge dressing.

How to shine shoes: –

There are few steps you must follow to shine your shoe. They are listed below.

  • Prepare your shoe shine kit ready to use

Make sure you have organized all the shot kit you need to shine start shine your shoes. Select a place where you would like to do shining and put a newspaper or old cloth on the floor to start shining and to avoid colour contradiction on floor.

  • Before you start cleaning your shoe please remove laces from your shoe to get a good result.

Because if you do not take out your shoe laces it could get colour touch on it and the original colour can contradict with the shining colour.

  • Take out all the dirt from your shoe after you take out laces from your shoe. You can use

Horse brush to take the dust out from your shoe. I suggested it because it works really good to clean shoe.

  • After you clean your shoe properly you can apply shine kit on it. But its suggested by the

Professionals to use conditioner on it before you apply shoe shine kit. Condition on shoe always gives a smooth work and help to make shoe shinier. Do not forget to use polish on toe and hills area as it is also part of your shoe and it also visible while you walk.

  • After applying shine kit use shine brush to take out extra layer of polish that basically you do

Not need to dry on your shoes. If you do not take out the extra polishes from your shoe it will increase the chance of shrink. Also make sure if you are using the shoe brush to take them out use different shoe brush for the different colour shine to avoid contradiction of colour.

  • After you done with the shoe shine you have to buff the shoe to make it shinier. To buff your

shoe you can use an old cloth or you can use shoe buffer which you may bought it from online or you’re nearest shoe repair shop or regular shop.

  • After buff the shoes you can leave them to be dry and then when it will be it will be ready to

Use. Professionals suggest while you dry the shoes after polish you can use cedar shoe tree to get a good result as it help them to Moisturizer  quickly and looks more beautiful.

Why you should shine your shoe ?

  • It will make you more presentable every time everywhere.
  • It will extend shoe span life if you regularly shine your shoes.
  • Using shoe polish and shiner will make a coating on your shoe which will help your shoe to become water resistant.
  • Using shoe polish on your shoe will make your leather soft and it will be flexible to wear it always also will help to reduce the chance of structure breaking.

Some suggestion you should keep in mind before and after applying polish on your shoe : –

  • do not forget to use gloves while you will start cleaning and shining your shoe as a shoe might consist lots of germs.
  • As some of shiner and polish has spirit and also flame able try to keep them safely.
  • Before and after you use it keep it somewhere its safe where your children can not get it.

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