Top and Best Shoe shine sponge For Men! Essentials To Shine Your Footwear

Top and Best Shoe shine sponge For Men! Essentials To Shine Your Footwear

Best shoe shine sponge review by shoe shop specialist 

An unpolished shoe can affect your dress up and your personality to others. It is a proven fact that to give an exclusive look to a person, apart from good clothes the condition of one’s shoes also plays an important role. Now the thing is that some of us do not have a time or don’t want to spend much more time in shoe polishing. Shoe polish will instantly bring shiny look onto your shoe but it’s also time-consuming. If you want to shine your shoe like professionals shoe carers it would take some extra time to do it. That doesn’t mean that you would not do shine your shoe. There are simple ways where you can shine your shoe quicker than applying shoe shine kit. Yes, its shoe shine sponge. Shoe shine sponge is the right tool for you if you want to have an immediate shine on your shoe as well as want to save time on shoe care. It’s just only about stroking a couple of times on your shoe to bring back its shine again. Here I would give you a brief idea about it which can help you to understand the necessity of it and the how does it work. Hope you would find all necessary information you need to know.  Remember Dirty and unpolished shoes spoil the looks, even if elegant clothes are worn.

Why you need to use shoe shine sponge

As I mentioned earlier spending time behind shoe care is a boring job for most of us. It’s not only boring it’s also difficult to do. But if you do care about your shoe and want to keep them in a perfect look you must need to take care of them. Shoe shine sponge is like providing protein to it to prevent them from breaking and being dulled. It’s bringing life back to the shoe. Shoe shine sponge is also better to avoid mess during shining application. As we are not a professional person to apply shine on our shoe best tools for us is shoe shine sponge to keep our cloth and house floor safe from shoe color.

Kiwi Express Shoe Shine Sponge

shoe shine spongeThe Kiwi Express Shoe Shine Sponge provides a quick solution to keeping your shoes looking their best. Shoe shine sponge; black shine liquid for a fresh shine every time. Reusable, no mess shoe shine sponge. It’s also great for travel use.

You should simply rub the sponge and the shine is connected. No extraordinary traps and it works in a matter of moments by any means. I just enjoyed a 15-second reprieve to shine up. The shine won’t just improve the presence of your extravagant footwear it will likewise cover a few flaws as the extravagant footwear gets more seasoned. This has permitted me to keep the same shoes and spare me a great deal of money.

  • Shoe shine sponge; black shine liquid for a fresh shine every time.
  • Reusable, no mess shoe shine sponge.
  • Great for travel use.

shoe shine sponge

Moneysworth and Best Instant Shine Sponge

shoe shine spongeMoneysworth & Best develops, produces, distributes and markets over 750 shoe and foot care products to over 50,000 stores across North America and abroad. Our products are made of the finest quality materials sourced and used from around the world. Moneysworth & Best products are initially tested and marketed in Moneysworth & Best’s own retail repair shops before being launched into the marketplace. Nourishes cleans and shines in one easy step. Ideal for smooth leathers and man-made products. Excellent for shoes, boots, handbags, and briefcases. An instant shine every time. Includes 1 Brown Shine Sponge.

  • High quality, Made in Spain
  • Cleans and shines in one easy step
  • Shines your shoes and other leather items quickly
  • Neutral is great for hard to match colors
  • Sponge has continual lubricating moisture
  • Great for home or on the go

shoe shine sponge

Pedag Shine Instant Shine

shoe shine spongePedag Shine is a silky, wax impregnated sponge contained in a plastic box. The sponge gives an instant shine to all smooth leathers, synthetic and imitation leathers. Shine is ideal for shoes but also be used for car interiors, handbags, furniture, belts, etc. The top of the plastic container functions as a handle for ease of use. Very easy, quick “on the go” shine without any mess. No mess, instant shine for smooth leather and imitation leather
The sponge is contained in a plastic box-top of a box is a handle Shine lasts several days or longer. It’s also great for travel.

  • No mess, instant shine for smooth leather and imitation leather
  • Sponge is contained in a plastic box-top of box is a handle
  • Shine lasts several days or longer
  • Great for travel
  • Made in Spain

shoe shine sponge

Kiwi Color Shine

shoe shine spongeKiwi color shine is easy to use a liquid wax polish that provides deep shine in an instant. Premium was formula nourished and protects leather Features unique long lasting two-layer sponge with controlled dosage No mess, long lasting applicator.

  • Polishes covers scuffs and protects
  • Premium wax formula to nourish and protect leather
  • Needs no buffing
  • For black shoes
  • For use on leather shoes; not intended for use on suede or nubuck
 shoe shine sponge

Benefits of using shoe shine sponge

Being honest, as much as shine a shoe shine kit can provide, shoe shine sponge cannot beat them. But to do shoe color at home shoe shine sponge is the best tools said by professionals. There is few reason why they suggest you use shoe shine sponge. They are: –

  • It will help to not make the mess during the application.
  • It will increase shoe span life with few stroke on it.
  • It’s a quick solution for the unpolished and dirty shoe.
  • Cost less money rather than investing in a shoe shine kit.
  • Take less time to bring back shoe original color.

shoe shine spongeHow to use shoe shine sponge

Using shoe shine sponge is so simple. It does not take a long time like using shoe shine kit. But the main issue you must concern that getting the tight color of shoe shine sponge for your shoe. Some of them you can find in the neutral color and some of them are made for dedicated color. The first thing you need to do before applying shoe shine sponge is to clean your shoe. To get the best application of shoe shine sponge you can clean your shoe with horse hair shoe brush. If you don’t have shoe brush you can clean your shoe with a clean cloth which is dust free. After cleaning it with the brush or cloth you can apply shoe shine sponge on your shoe. To get a pro finish you can stoke it in two-layers on your shoe. It will help you to have a more shiny look than usual.