Get the best shoe glue to fix your shoe at home with pro finish

Get the best shoe glue to fix your shoe at home with pro finish

Best Boot and shoe glue review 

Shoe’s or boot even playing sneakers and shoe’s can be broken for so many reasons. They can break by water damage, maximum use, more pressure, forcing them to get fit etc. What would you do if one of your friend drop drink on your shoe and you realise that your shoe sole or shoe body is getting damaged for that? Would you stop talking to him or you would throw your favourite pair of shoe? None of them you need to do. What you need to do is repairing them when they would start breaking or break completely. You can do it in shoe repair store easily. Being honest it would cost you a good amount of money to repair it. My point of saying that why should you spends more money whereas you can do it in a home by having a shoe glue in your collection. Believe me as much as money shoe repairer would charge you for to repair one pair of shoe you can buy at least two or three shoe glue on its price. Now you may think about the pro finish off the work. I must say here as much as the care you will do for your shoes nobody would have done that much care.

Gear Aid Free sole Urethane Formula Shoe Repair

shoe glueGear aid is excellent shoe glue which is a perfect solution for all kind of shoe and boot repair. It’s a complete Urethane based shoe repair adhesive which will give you a pro finish after application. This shoe glue will permanently re-attach soles to boots and shoes, repairs rands, toe caps and worn soles. This shoe glue will help your shoe to not get affected by desert heat or arctic cold, Free sole dries to a tough, flexible urethane that will not crack.  The free sole is also ideal for repairing torn gaiters and under-boot straps. If you are enough with the annoying sole flapping! Use free sole to reattach and rebuild the soles of your boots and shoes. This shoe glue is  Durable, flexible, and shock-absorbing, the Free sole is made from the same material as most shoe soles, so it can quickly reattach soles, rebuild worn heel and toe areas, and create tough toe caps. The free sole is part of a comprehensive line of Care and Repair products from Gear Aid. With Gear Aid, anyone can be a master of gear repair. This shoe glue works on all types of footwear, including boots, athletic shoes, climbing shoes, Rollerblades, and more.

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About products:-

  • Urethane shoe repair adhesive for rebuilding worn heel and toe areas and reattaching separated soles
  • Incredibly durable formula is unaffected by heat or cold (-20°F to +200°F); has excellent abrasion resistance
  • Safe for use on all types of footwear including boots, athletic shoes, climbing shoes and more
  • Use on soles for increased shock absorption and tread and dries clear so the repair matches any color footwear
  • Made in the USA

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My impression 

I should say, I was incredulous about this stuff. I have several sets of shoes that I adored, yet the sole had broken along the wad of my foot from side to side on one shoe from every pair. I clutched them (persisting much provocation from the spouse) with the expectation that there would be some approach to reestablish their usefulness. I attempted Gorilla Glue, Super Glue, Shoe Goo and a few different sorts of glues, however, none of them would hold. They were either excessively weak or not sufficiently solid.

I chose to arrange the Freescale and it’s related Cotol-240 Cure Accelerator and it took care of business… what’s more, exceptionally well I may include. I utilized the Cotol-240 to clean the region to be stuck, permitted to dry, than blended 1 section Cool to 4 sections Freesole. I connected the cement to the split, then bound it utilizing the smooth side of pressing tape. after 24 hours, I evacuated the tape and connected another layer to fill the discouragements from wear. This time, I essentially propped it topsy turvy and permitted the paste to settle all alone (without quickening agent). Around 4 hours into the curing time, I utilized a plastic card to squeeze grooves into it for footing.

The cured urethane is to a great degree extreme and strong. Rehashed flexing of the shoe hints at no splitting, peeling or division. I have worn the shoes for numerous days with no issue. I think the joint and second layer are more grounded than the first sole.

The things dispatched speedily and were adequately bundled. I plan to dependably have this around the house, as should be obvious it being valuable for a plenty of repair occupations, not simply shoes. Too awful I can’t locate a bigger amount. I exceptionally suggest this!

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shoe glueGear Aid Free sole is much better than Shoe Goo

If you want to make a quality repair that will last a long time, this is the product to use. I used to be a big fan of Shoe Goo, but the fact is that the repairs never lasted too long and were never good for building up the sole. This Free sole urethane is REALLY tough and adheres extremely well.

A couple cautions, however:

  1. The product will seep through even the smallest hole or crack…mainly because it takes a long time to dry/cure. But, there is a solution: buy the Control accelerator (also made by McNett). This thickens the product and causes it to dry/cure in about 2 hours. For some reason, Control is not necessarily sold at the same places free sole is sold, so they may have to be ordered separately.
  2. If you use free sole to build up the worn heal, be aware that it will dry/cure to a very smooth and slippery surface. I put some rice on the surface after it had started to set. The rice disappears after you use the shoe a bit and you are left with a rougher surface that will not so easily result in an unexpected slip.

Great for Sports Shoes, Vastly Better Than Shoe Goo

shoe glueI have been using free sole on my tennis shoes for about two years now. I probate and wear out the heels of my shoes very quickly. It was getting expensive and frustrating to replace otherwise perfectly good shoes just because the heels had worn down so badly. I tried Shoe Goo and it was okay but would typically last only about 2-3 hours under playing conditions (tennis courts have abrasive surfaces). Then I found Free Sole and what a difference. Free sole takes a day or so to set up and really cure but once it’s on it is very durable and long lasting. With Free Sole I have been able to more than double the life of my tennis shoes and now have started using it on my street shoes as well. I have to say I think this product is fantastic, and, it has saved me tons of money over the past two years.

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Shoe repairman recommended this product

If you ask a shoe repairman regarding the best shoe glue the first name they would recommend you is Gear Aid Free sole Urethane Formula Shoe Repair. At first, I was talking about the professional finish. This is the one shoe glue where the quality didn’t compromise with the price. You may find some different shoe glue in the market buy honestly you would not be able to find same quality like this. I am not telling about the quality of this shoe glue by reading any product description or for advertisement. This is one that I used and really get helped to fix my broken shoes. When I asked one of shoe repairman in my area he has been suggested me this product when he saw me I started visiting him a couple of times in a month with my broken shoes. I would like to suggest you all use this if you want to have a pro finish off your application as well as if you want to get long lasting results.

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